15 Years Later, 9/11 Still Claiming Lives of First Responders and Cleanup Workers Exposed to Asbestos and Toxic Fumes


Around the country, Americans memorialized the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with moments of silence and other displays or remembrance.

Yet, for many 9/11 cleanup crew workers, bystanders, and first first-responders-exposed-asbestosresponders exposed to asbestos who were in lower Manhattan that day, as well as at the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA crash site, the nightmare of September 11th lingers.

A shockingly high number of first responders, bystanders, and cleanup workers suffer from health issues linked to the toxic clouds that were released when the Twin Towers collapsed.

Today, cancers, breathing and respiratory issues and digestive disorders are some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions. Yet, due to the long latency period of some cancers – like mesothelioma, lung cancer and esophageal cancers – those figures are expected to continue to grow over coming decades.

The Health Impacts of the Twin Towers Collapse

Overwhelmingly, the highest percentage of claims from the Victim’s Fund are for heroes and victims facing cancer diagnoses. In fact, according to a recent CBS News report, 5,000 cancer cases have been linked to the toxic dust containing asbestos, lead and other chemicals that people were exposed to when the Twin Towers fell and during Ground Zero cleanup.

One study found that 9/11 firefighters have a 19 percent greater risk of developing cancer than other firefighters. Plus, a recent study from Mount Sinai – the New York-based cancer hospital – found strong evidence that kidney damage may have been a result of ………READ THE REST OF THIS STORY ON MESOWATCH

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