Updated: 18 year old female almost Abducted Last Night in West Fort Worth


Example of Attacker in Black MaskMay 19th, 11:00pm An 18 year old girl was traveling west bound on I-20 and was forced off the road just past the Aledo when four cars had boxed her in. The persons in the vehicles got out of their cars and approached her car. Each of them were wearing black clothes, were wearing black masks and had bats or batons with them. The alleged abductors were not successful because of an ambulance appearing on the highway during the abduction attempt.

According to the Texas Department of Safety (TxDPS) in its 2014 Human Trafficking report, “Throughout the United States, gangs have expanded into human trafficking involving minors and adults due to the potential for high, renewable profit and low risk of detection. Gangs are frequently recruiting victims through false promises of wealth and affection, but continuously compel the services of their victims through forceful means. “

Based on provided information by the abductee this appears to be an organized effort to force people into sex trafficking.


Sadly, we’ve been duped.

Parker County Fire, Police, EMS

where the alleged incident took place reports on their Facebook page, “We have been seeing this posted all over Facebook. It is 100% FALSE. That person who began this fabrication should be ashamed of themselves for scaring people. IF something like this did happen, you would not be hearing about it thru a NextDoor app screen shot. Please spread the word, and refer anyone who has any questions to this page.

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