3 Reasons that Could Drive You to a Dermatologist Soon


Gone are the days of preparing pastes, and medicines for healing skin bound problems and defects. Stung by the spinning wheels of technology, the global dermatology devices market offers a range of updated tools and equipment to consider spending on. While the market focus has shifted from being the king pin, while competing with brands to consumer satisfaction, consumers have today become the king pin of various global markets gradually. Going to hospitals, or clinics have dropped down the priority list, since technology has offered a range of handy products in the global dermatology devices market to ensure savings, and ease of application. Range of these products, and devices are trending in the global market today in parallel to various reasons that will drive you to a dermatologist.

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Major Applications

Nagging skin problems and disorders, some of which include acne, psoriasis, eczema, nail infection acne, fungal infections, scabies, skin tumor, skin lesion, and hair loss, are increasingly driving majority to hospitals, and clinics. Such infections are significantly contributing towards growth of the global market. Red skin, itching sensation, burning sensation on skin, and swelling on skin are a few symptoms to stumble upon, that lead to various skin diseases. Such symptoms are outcome of unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy, and improper food, excessive exposure of sun on the skin, and various others. Skin diseases further find source from ultraviolet rays, viruses, and bacteria, which spread through contamination. In fact, various dermatologists recommend minimum application of gadgets, which reflect ultraviolet rays to skin. Application of gadget screens as a secondary mirror could cause damage to skin gradually, and could be a significant source of skin cancer.

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Trending in vogue is healthy, and clear skin. While various brands are pouring advertisement spaces with range of products for a healthy, and flawless skin. Majority of customers are victims of their side effects. Such factors further contribute towards growth of the global dermatology devices market, as range of devices offered in the global market are increasingly finding applications in innumerable private clinics, hospitals, and specialty dermatology markets.

Another unbelievable trend witnessed recently, is application of microwave in order to get rid of hair from their body. With various microwaves ordered carry a warning tag to avoid contact with the microwave, while it is functioning. Conversely, this has been a prominent trend, where the microwave technology is finding application in helping people get rid of unwanted sweat glands, and body hair. Although, the trend is further projected to have side-effects as, radiation has been witnessed to adversely affect the body, and lead to side effects.

Additionally, various customers, and end-users opt for cosmetic dermatology, in order to retain youthfulness in their skin, and look young. This section of the customers, end users comprise of various artists, who act, or perform, or are faces seen on television. Mainly women of the entertainment, and information broadcasting industries opt for body contouring, skin tightening, and other such cosmetic dermatological therapies in order to look young, healthy, and beautiful. Men too opt for such treatments in order to bring a tinge of youth on their face, or to hide signs of their old age. Irrespective of their profession, many women desire to look young, healthy, and beautiful, due to which, they opt for cosmetic dermatology, and skin tightening. Owing to the ever developing technology, such surgeries are performed with accuracy, speed, and near perfection. Into the bargain, the surgery further depends on application of the kind of device.

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Various dermatology devices further find application in devices such as hair removal, which is an outcome of increasing polycystic ovarian syndrome in women. Surge in number of women, who desire to own flawless, and healthy skin, contribute towards factors driving growth of the global dermatology devices market in the coming years. Furthermore, application of radiofrequency has gained prominence in cosmetic dermatology, and are increasingly finding application in various cosmetics, and fashion industry. For the purpose for photography rating, various dermatology devices such as RF devices find application in tightening skin of end-users or customers.

Key Market Trends

Various trends have emerged today in order to get rid of body hair, such as waxing, finding application of razor, and various others. A section of the women who opt for hair removal treatment, are victims of polycystic ovarian syndrome. The hair removal application segment is projected to account for significant revenue share, following the vascular lesions segment. Whereas, private clinics, and specialty dermatology clinics end user segment are relatively prominent end users. Among various devices, laser type devices are estimated to dominate and hold a market value share of 46.5% in the global market. RF devices further find application in various skin-bound issues and skin tightening. Owing to such factors, the RF devices are projected to a lucrative market, following laser type.

While dermatology devices find application for enhancing skin quality, and curing various skin-related problems, there are various loopholes, due to which, customers are victims of side effects. Permanent scars, burns on the skin, deeper skin fat loss, redness on the skin, oversensitivity are a few symptoms of dermatology related therapy, and treatments. Furthermore, when customers opt for radiofrequency treatment, they are exposed to excessive radiation, which could further result in unwanted side effects, and might adversely affect skin or internal organs of the body. Some might be victim of excessively lumpy and stretched skin, due to skin tightening. Non-invasive cosmetic corrections are witnessed to have an upsurge in demand in the regions of North America, APEJ, and Western Europe.

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