360 degree live video ad available on Twitter


Earlier on, Facebook was the only social media that was able to go for the 350 degree technology and was able to provide the same to all the viewers as well. But now, Twitter is also added this amazing new phase to the Twitter in the Periscope and it is the best live streaming platform that can be gained so far. Now, a lot of sellers can lure the people with the amazing 360 degree ads and that is the reason why you need to twitter has made some amazing changes as well. These videos will come with a live video badge and that will differ them from the conventional monotonous live videos.

For example if it is an ad about the phone, then there can be 360 degree live video about the unboxing of the phone so that the viewers can have a demo of the thing and they can be convinced even more. These videos can be seen just at one swipe of the phone and are easily accessible as well. That is the reason why these videos are so in craze now. Through these ads, a lot of moments can be captured at a go and are easy to be published within the budget range- so a lot of the sellers are opting for the same. These videos are taken with 360 different angles of the camera and that is why they seem to be so realistic. The progress was made early this year, but Twitter was able to launch this program right at the end of 2016. This has been enabled in a manner so that no matter what the operating system of the phone or computer is, it can run in a smooth way and without any hindrance as such.

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Though it has been an expensive feature of TWITTER, it can be claimed that it can have the desired privileges as well. The 360 degree format will make sure of the fact that a lot of traffic is enabled in these ads and the viewers have a nice time surfing them.

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