5 Common Misconceptions about Budget Laptops


Latest innovations in the field of electronics and communication have given birth to the new age laptops. This new age Laptops under 200 are quite handy product for the technocrats. These laptops are made from the house of some famous laptop manufacturers like Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo and many more.  

If you see the price range of these laptops you will definitely feel that there are some lags in the specifications of the laptop or in their performance. But these famous manufactures has accumulated all in these economical products like HP Stream 11 Laptop, ASUS Chromebook 13-Inch, ASUS 11.6″ Laptop X205TA-UH01-BK, HP Elitebook 8440p Laptop Notebook Computer and made the laptops perfectly designed for the technocrats.

Misconception 1: Low processing speed and low performance

There is a popular misconception among the people that they cannot get the right processing speed in a low range laptop. But this concept is totally wrong. In these economical products you will get the processor offering 1.8 GHz to 2.3 GHz speed. Some of the laptops are also known to offer the latest Intel quad Core processor in them. Intel i3 processor provides some serious processing speed to the technocrats.

Misconception 2: Low graphics

It is true that if you are in search of a gaming laptop then you will find hardly one or two laptop in this price bracket. But the laptops which are in the price bracket of 200 provide the Intel HD graphics. These Graphics cards are quite capable of providing high resolution output for enjoying multimedia.  You can also use the laptop to play some low graphics requirement game like Fifa 12 or Project IGI 2.

Misconception 3: Poor design

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If you think that you can only get an attractive laptop by spending some serious amount of cash from your pocket, then you are wrong. Laptops which are under 200 also provide some great look in their appearance. They are quite slim and light as compared to the old laptops that we get to see before. These laptops are slim and sleek and the color variants of these laptops are also attractive. Besides that, some of these laptops also offer graphics design on the back of the 11 inch or 13 inch LED making them look totally spectacular.

Misconception 4: Low amount of storage

Those days are gone when the laptops had only 250 GB of hard drive providing some serious issue for the storage of files. All these laptops in the price of 200 have a storage space of around 1TB and there is no need to prepare a backup every now and then. You will also get superfast USB 3.0 ports enabled in these laptops which allow you faster file transfer to the USB drives.

Misconception 5: Battery life

You might think that the laptops of this benchmark have low battery life and you need to charge them quite often. But these laptops have a battery life of 5 to 8 hours which is quite enough for the official works. The laptop battery may offer some less standby period if video browsing is done but it can also offer about 11 hours of battery life if it is used in battery saving mode which provides low display light and keeps some unused applications in hibernation mode.

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