Summertime… and the livin’ is easy! We forget about work, disconnect from technology and set our sights on having fun in the sun. However, as we take a break from our desktops, many businesses struggle to drive traffic and sales in the summer months.

Thankfully, smartphones – specifically mobile apps – offer businesses the unique opportunity to reach consumers wherever they are, engaging them with relevant content and converting them with timely offers. But keeping app usage levels high all summer is simpler said than done.

Recent stats show that most smartphone users split the majority of their time between 5 apps, leaving little time for their other apps. Combine this with heavier usage of travel & tourism apps during the summer months, and you’re probably asking yourself where your business’ app fits in.

If you’re wondering how can you continue to attract new users and engage the ones you have this summer, keep reading.

Here are 5 ways to keep users engaged with your app all summer long!

1. Launch new, exclusive content
Summer can be a great time to lighten up and provide more entertaining, bite-sized app content. While long form content like whitepapers, case ebooks and research have their place, embracing interactive articles like in-app quizzes, picture galleries, playlists and videos can keep users engaged with your application without being too time consuming or sales-y. For instance, if your application is for a dentist, you will want to create a picture or quiz gallery approximately the very best and worst summer foods for your teeth.

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2. Update your application icon and also screenshots
Summertime is synonymous with bright beachy hues, why not give your app store listing a punch of color to appeal to the vacationing visitor? For example, update your app icon to include summertime colors, icons or graphics to grab attention away from your competitors.

Updating your app icon not only helps you stand out in the app stores, but it can also spark desire in current app users who’ll notice the update on their phones. With that said, not all apps can take liberties with modifying their icon, especially if they have rigid brand guidelines or have a very recognizable icon. Icons should remain true to brand identity, a lesson Spotify has recently experienced:

If modifying your app icon is out of the question, focus your efforts on app screenshots and update them to include summer time contexts. Easyjet, for example, uses a popular summer vacation destination with seasonal background images, while maintaining their strong benefit messaging.

3. Bring storytelling to advertising creative
Summer is the perfect time to update the creative in your app install campaigns. Just like your screenshots, show the benefits of your app in contexts that vacation-minded app user can latch onto. You can also use re-targeting campaigns, like those offered by Facebook, to re-engage app users with exciting content or offers. Use storytelling to relate to your users and use attention grabbing creative, like video for example, to stand out and increase conversions.

4. Send seasonal push notifications
Push notifications inspire users to launch an app and take specific in-app actions, like viewing content, completing a survey or making a purchase. Push notifications are a great way to engage app users when the time and place are right. Adding a seasonal tone to your message makes it even more relevant.

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In the example above, H&M promotes key items customers will want for their vacation, but you could also include a promo code or a link to a coupon offer to further incentivize users. For additional personalization, geo-target particular users with text messages that will charm to them. For instance, when you have a travel app, focus on those who are still in the town in the center of August with an revise on some last second travel offers to defeat heat!

5. Make use of geo-fencing to operate a vehicle local traffic
Apps can also assist you to drive visitors to a physical area thanks to advanced press notification targeting features like geo-fencing. Regional businesses can create a geo-fence, triggering notifications to application users that fall in to the parameters. For instance, on a sweltering weekday afternoon, make use of geo-fencing to focus on any of your application users within a 2km radius to take pleasure from an exclusive offer, such as a free lemonade while they store.

You can even go a stage further and use beacons to convert your on-premise application users. For instance, send beacon driven notifications to users if they go by specific in-store shows with a web link to a voucher an give on a related item.

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