90 Days of Coaching With Sean Mize for $82 Reviews


90 Days of Coaching With Sean Mize for $82 Reviews and Bonus by Sean Mize – Do you want to build a $100k business selling infotraining in your niche?

What will you get in 90 Days of Coaching With Sean Mize for $82? Not only are you going to get the lessons with EXACTLY what to do each day to get to $100k – with a $3000 value. You are going to get access to my weekly coaching call where you can ask me anything you want each week ($6000 value). I am going give you my special templates combined with special instructions from me combined with the bullets of what your product does – to practically write your sales letters from scratch in less than an hour ($1000 value). PLUS – I am going to give you a rock-solid EXACT Blueprint for $100k in sales . . .you can personalize this with your product and print it out and set it above your desk and see it while you work $2000 value

Do you want to build a 6-figure, $100k business, but frankly you are stuck? Are you frustrated because you’ve been struggling to create products. create a product funnel with 2-3 products, get traffic, and convert that traffic to subscribers who buy from you and invest $100k with you. Have you been spinning your wheels trying to get things going to get to $100k, but it isn’t working for you? Are you, frankly speaking, angry that you don’t have a 6 figure funnel in place this year so far? If so, I get it. And the thing is, it’s not your fault.

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I say all that to say, I know what it takes to get to $100kĀ And it’s not the fancy-dancy faddish follow the moon programs you see in your inbox each week.

  • It’s real work.
  • It’s real products.
  • It’s having a $10 product and a $97 product and selling $2000 a week.
  • Cut and dried.
  • It’s having the right product to resonate in your niche.
  • It’s writing the RIGHT sales words to get folks in your niche to buy.
  • It’s writing the RIGHT email campaign that converts those folks into buyers.
  • And I’ve done it again and again and again.
  • I’ve created and written funnel after funnel after funnel.
  • And I’ve never shared it exactly the way I am getting ready to.


I’m a one-man shop, with a virtual assistant for customer service and a couple of folks who do small projects from time to time. I don’t run a $30 million, 40 person business – which, frankly speaking, WOULD be hard for you to duplicate, starting from scratch. And if you’ve been trying to use zillions of pieces of software and confusing traffic techniques, and it’s holding you back from actually achieving $100k a year. it’s not your fault, because you’ve been told that that’s what’s supposed to happen. But the truth is this: running your business can be much easier, and much faster than that. I’m personally a fast-action taker, it’s one of the things that’s marked my success over the years.

You get to try out my one-year coaching program with EXACT daily instructions for what to do and how to do it EACH DAY to get to a $100k business – for 90 days – and 90 days tend to be where you get the most work done, after 90 days, it’s a matter of tweaking and optimization and improvement. That’s right, EXACT daily instructions for what to do and how to do it EXACTLY. All you have to do is DO the lessons as I send them to you. You’ll get the EXACT daily steps to building your business to $100k. You WILL have the business in place and you will be making sales. or I’ll give you your money back. period. And if you just simply continue to do the steps you learn in these lessons, you can ramp up and scale and in 2017 you can do $2000 a week (that’s $100k a year). Now, you may know that the earlier class I talked about is $3000. I believe you could follow these lessons and get to $100k with NO INTERACTION with me at all. And I believe they are worth $3000 right by themselves.

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