Accurately Measure and Analyze Weight of a Herd with Livestock Scales From Floor Scales Direct


Accurately Measure and Analyze Weight of a Herd with Livestock Scales From Floor Scales Direct

Agriculture is big business, especially for ranchers. Ensuring that an animal is at the correct weight is of the upmost importance for both consumers and agriculture professionals. This is why having a livestock scale is critical for anyone who works with animals.

Online PR News – 05-March-2013 – Floor Scales Direct wants to assist ranchers and animal care professionals across the world by providing accurate, reliable, and durable livestock scales. Livestock scales are used by numerous professionals such as ranchers, veterinarians, and zoologists to accurately weigh animals. From bison to chickens, a livestock scale makes measuring and weighing any type of animal that much easier and less stressful.

Floor Scales Direct is the premier online resource for livestock scales. Whether one needs to weigh a large dog at a veterinary clinic or weigh a herd before it goes to market, Floor Scales Direct has a scale to streamline the process. Customers can expect the following standard features on most livestock scale that Floor Scales Direct provides:
Simple and Quick Setup and Installation
Highly Accurate Sensors and Readouts
Weight Hold Feature to Compensate for Moving Animals
Outdoor Rated and Watertight Construction
Durable and Strong Steel Construction
Rust Proof Galvanized Finish
Height Adjustable Precision Leveling Feet with Bolt Down Holes
Built in Mounting Hole with Welded Nut to Bolt Alleyway Platform
Accessibility Options That Allow for Installation Under Chutes, Platforms, Tanks, and Hoppers
Floor Scales Direct also manufactures and distributes specialty cattle scales. These scales are very similar to livestock scales but have been designed to meet the unique weighing needs of cattle ranchers. Given the current climate of the American beef industry, getting accurate and reliable readouts has never been more important.

This is largely in part to the drought of 2011. This drought was the worst drought experienced in the United States since 1895 and the results were devastating. During the drought, feed became scarce, which forced many ranchers to cull their herds. It is estimated that 600,000 to 800,000 cattle were culled as a result of dwindling resources incurred by the 2011 drought. Agricultural professionals have stated that it would take more than 3 years to restore beef production back to pre-drought levels.

While ranchers may have experienced major herd losses in 2011, they also benefited from increasing beef prices. As a result, ranchers have turned to Floor Scales Direct to ensure that the cattle they send to market are accurately weighed and measured by means of specialty cattle scales. Accurate weights and measures guarantee a maximum return on every head of cattle that is sent to market.

Visit to view the available inventory of livestock and cattle scales. All scales are shipped in the United States for free and can be customized to better meet the needs of its customers.

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