America’s Makeshift project against Zika virus


It can be said that till now there has been no reports of eliminating the Zika virus as a whole and that is the reason why America is fighting back in the best possible manner so that the virus can be at least prevented a bit. The centres of the disease control and protection have claimed the fact that the Zika is now only a part of the Florida and has not spread out to the other parts as yet. And it can be said that this can be prevented from spreading if it can be contained in the best possible manner.

The National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have been trying to understand the Zika virus better so that they can be used in order to create many effective vaccines and treatments- and they also have borrowed a lot of money from the other institutions as well in order to work with full gusto as well. But is can be assumed that they are dangerously close to having a shortage of money and what will happen thereafter is still not known. It is being said that there is a high possibility of having a directorial meeting regarding this burning problem. The least can be done is to pass the bill in the legislation about the spending bill of the Zika research so that more funding can be gained to support the cause as for now.

It is being said by a lot of the media that the fight with the Zika is not a job for the government and it is still more difficult to say that no more funding is required because both of the two statements are not true at all. This is a very hard work and is indeed very hard to fight back as well. The process is also taking a lot of time and needs a lot more research than the former reports. Also a detailed study needs to be done about the Aedes aegypti mosquito the carrier of this virus so that their cycle can be understood properly.

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