An Online Auction benefiting a local child suffering from a Bipolar Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder is scheduled to be held May 27 – May 29, 2016.


An Online Auction benefiting a local child suffering from a Bipolar Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder is scheduled to be held May 27 – May 29, 2016.

(San Antonio, Texas, May, 15, 2016) – A local family, along with their friends, has organized an Online Auction to help defray the expenses of their child’s medical treatment for Bipolar Disorder. Bids for items ranging from artisan-crafted treasures to online and local services will be accepted from 10:00am, May 27 to 12:00 noon May 29. All those interested are encouraged to place their bids at the following website:

Eli Herzberger was originally identified as having Bipolar Disorder at the age of 6. Even though his parents knew that he also had Autism, it was only recently diagnosed.

Now at age 10, his urgent need for medical care is a result of a downward spiral of symptoms that began with a violent episode of EPS (Extrapyramidal Symptoms) – a side effect of antipsychotic medications that is characterized by uncontrollable muscle spasms and seizure-like movements.

As a result, doctors advised that all medications be suspended and have placed him on a safer regimen. Considered suicidal at one point, Eli has been inpatient at a children’s psychiatric hospital where he can be closely monitored and treated. He was admitted weeks ago and there is no clarity on when he will be able to go home.

Online Auction benefiting Eli HerzbergerThe emotional and financial toll on his parents, Erich and Angie Herzberger, has been devastating. Not only do they have limited visitation with their child, but they are also faced with the exorbitant cost of ongoing medical treatments that are only partially covered by insurance. At this point, they owe over $8,000 out of pocket. The current cost of Eli’s inpatient care is $676 per day, which will be eventually followed by partial hospitalization costs of $264 a day.

As voiced by Angie Herzberger, “The only thing more devastating than watching my child suffer and is not being by his side.” Erich Herzberger agrees, “And to compound our anxiety, the escalating costs of his ongoing care are now becoming insurmountable.”

Fundraising Auctions like the one hosted by the Herzberger family and their friends will not only will help them meet their son’s rising medical expenses but will also help call attention to the complexities of mental disorders and the need to learn more about managing the care of those afflicted.

Although Bipolar Disorder usually manifests in adolescence, younger children can have the disorder as well. In fact, according to new studies conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, there may be an overlap between rare genetic variations linked to bipolar disorder and those implicated in schizophrenia and autism. Studies like this help medical professionals recognize and treat children with Asperger’s and Bipolar Disorder symptoms, but there is still much to learn about this and similar conditions.

For more information about the Online Auction benefiting Eli Herzberger and his family, please call 432-238-7499 or visit:

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