Anorexia- a burning problem


It has been reported that a lot of girls are having the problem of being Anorexic and this is taking a serious turn globally. At first all the symptoms were supposed to be taken as casual stuff and they were considered to be taken as someone going through a crash diet. But the latest report by the researchers have turned out the fact true that Anorexia is not something that is to be taken up casually. In certain cases, if it is not treated in the proper manner, it can be fatal to the individual as well.

Many girls start go on a crash diet so that they can be skinny and that in turn, moulds this habit into a practice when the body rejects all kinds of food and the person loses appetite completely. The same happened to an American girl and once the situation went way out of hand, the doctors had to get her admitted in the hospital. It is not just a physiological disease but also a psychological disease as well and that is the reason why it needs to be treated both ways. A lot of counselling as well as medication can bring the anorexic to the normal stage and that too takes a lot of time as well. That is the reason why the doctors have decided to go for a counselling procedure so that the girls going anorexic can be brought back to their normal lives. The effects of Anorexia are that the individuals have the tenacity to go under depression, they do not have any thing called the appetite and their weight goes down abnormally. Also these people also have anaemic symptoms and they also suffer from low blood pressure all the time.

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Recently, Russia banned the ones in modelling who were too skinny since most of them were anorexic and their dream for modelling was causing haywire to their bodies. Also a number of other countries are taking this vital step because being  beautiful is something, and starving to death for the sake of losing weight is something else.

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