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A Night In Austin

Well now there is a website called “A Night In Austin” that shows you all the best Restaurants, bars, entertainment, and live music venues in Austin Texas. It’s very informative, user friendly, and always free. They even have an free app for Android or Iphone. (search “MyNightOut” from your app store)

So what is “A Night In Austin”? “A Night In Austin” is an Austin specific Online Entertainment Directory and Events Calendar detailing everything there is to do and all the great places to go in Austin. “A Night In Austin” focuses exclusively on area Events, Specials, Food, Drink, Music, and Entertainment, everything one needs to plan their night in Austin. “A Night In Austin” is the premier source for entertainment information in Austin, Texas.

Austin Restaurants:
The diversity of eating out in Austin is hard to beat. Whether you are looking forward to fine dining, a vegetarian meal, or a burger and a beer, the choices are almost infinite! From the “Top 10” restaurants, to modest bistros tucked away in neighborhoods, to food trailer parks, to spectacular views of Lake Travis and the Hill Country, Austin has a place to please every appetite!

Austin Bars:
Need a place to have a cold one? Austin offers an amazing diversity of places to have a drink. Whether you want to dance, drink, listen to live music, sit quietly with a friend or party ‘til the cows come home, there’s a bar or nightclub just for you in Austin. The world famous 6th Street is the main artery for nightlife in downtown Austin. But that’s just the beginning. So much to see and so much to do! Better get started tonight!

Austin Entertainment:
There is quite a selection of alternative entertainment in Austin. You could see a play, watch live comedy, Visit a gallery, go to the opera or symphony or even attend a sporting event. There are countless other ideas on our website to get you inspired. With the nice weather in the spring and the fall, Austin hosts a number of festivals, music or otherwise. The list goes on and on.

Austin Live Music:
“A Night In Austin” is dedicated to promoting live music in Austin and its’ local surrounding areas. If fact if you are a local musician we invite you to add your profile or band to our website for free. You can add your social media links, list your upcoming gigs and post pictures and videos of your band. If you are not a musician, but want to explore the diverse selections of musical talent Austin has to offer, all you have to do is search bands by genre, Or check out our Live Music listings on the calendar page. Please enjoy all the wonderful talent Austin has to offer in “The Live Music Capital Of The World”!

When you feel like going out in Austin, go to: and find out what’s happening right now. It’s just faster and easier and you will discover so many unique places you never would have known about without the website.”

Be sure to check out the Top Dining Specials on the right-hand side of our website. There are Fun and Food specials every night of the week – from game rooms, to karaoke, to live music; comedy, to sports, to just a quiet dinner for the two of you! For every appetite, for every budget – Austin has it all!

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There are so many fun things to do in Austin, places to visit in Austin, activities in Austin, fun stuff to do in Austin, fun places to go in Austin, and things to see in Austin, that it can be a bit confusing at times. That’s why you should rely on “A Night In Austin” to be your guide on what to do in Austin Texas.

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