pokemon go 1The smartphone app game takes advantage of augmented reality technology by allowing players to wander around collecting virtual creatures which they can then train and battle. The game has already been embraced by countless players around the world, leading to a tremendous surge in its developer’s (Nintendo) stock. The game’s adoption rate has already broken records and shows no sign of slowing down yet.

The game has also been shown to inspire incidents of mass frenzy such as in Central Park. A rare Pokemon was generated within the game’s version of the park itself, and players descended onto the park en masse to try and capture it. As a result, traffic in Manhattan came to a stop as people abandoned their vehicles to join in the hunt. As incidents like this continue popping up, the natural question you may be asking is “how does this affect real estate?” The answer is simple – personal liability.

pokemon go 2Given the game’s penchant for creating hubs around certain real estate landmarks such as parks and churches, properties located in the vicinities of such places are opened up to trouble. For example, one Massachusetts man purchased a home that was originally a church in the 1800s. After downloading the app, he learned that it was designated as a ‘gym’, meaning a hub where Pokemon can be ‘trained’ to fight. Soon after, young children and teenagers began camping out around his property with their smartphones at all hours of the day and night. Imagine, for example, pulling out of your own driveway one weekend morning and, before you realize it, a teen darts across it hunting for a Pokemon nearby, and you accidentally hit the person. Even though you were trying to be careful, an injury still happened, and you could be liable for it.

pokemon go 3Cases of players getting into accidents because of being distracted by the game are becoming commonplace. Furthermore, the risk for unwitting  players to be shot at by homeowners unaware of what is happening exists as well. The combination of the game encouraging exploration coupled with a lack of awareness on the players’ part will lead to more accidents as Go’s popularity continues skyrocketing.

For investors, Pokemon Go real estate troubles provide a flashy but relevant example of why asset protection is important to have in today’s world. If you own a property and face a situation where a Pokemon Go player is injured on it, a resulting lawsuit could quickly snatch away everything you’ve worked hard to attain over nothing more than a game.

Anderson’s team though is always prepared to help real estate investors protect their assets from any potential threat, whether it comes from natural or augmented reality. We can set up entities able to provide reliable asset protection to your properties and other goods that you do not want to be seized because of someone getting themselves hurt on your property by hunting down an imaginary creature. Avoid all potential Pokemon Go real estate troubles for good.

Original source: https://blog.andersonadvisors.com/pokemon-go-real-estate-troubles/

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Phone Scammers Targeting Caernarvon Township Business Owners

Police are sounding the alarm about a utility company phone scam that appears to be targeting southern Berks County business owners.

“They’re very good,” Caernavon Township Police Chief John Scalia said.

“They have managers on the phone, they have people that have your account numbers, they know the last payment you made.”

Over the last month, police say three businesses – Billy Burgers and Bakery, Nuse’s Deli, and Joanna General Store – reported being the targets of a phone scam operation. Billy McConnell, owner of Billy Burgers and Bakery, said scammers have called his business four times.

“Usually you get a call right around lunch time,” he said. “They like to call during a time when you are busy.”

Police said the scammers claim to be with PPL Electric and tell the businesses that they need to pay their bills or their electricity will be turned off.


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Newbies Make Money Online Without A Website

In a bid to help newbies make money online in the quickest, easiest way possible, Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income has created a money making system like no other available online right now.

He understands that newbies are so desperate to make money online, but over 98% of people fail due to lack of tech skills, information overwhelm, shiny object syndrome and lack of clarity.

“I decided to make it so simple, a 10 year old could implement this and make money online in the quickest time possible. Not only have I created an entire sales funnel & email followup sequence that my students can clone immediately, which is proven to convert cold traffic into sales, but I also teach my students simple ways to generate traffic to their sales funnel, even if they have a small budget”, says Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income.

Patrick has worked with some of the most powerful marketers in the business, speaks at seminars across the world and has hundreds of students who work with him closely to build their online businesses. Now he is opening the doors to the public to reach a more personal goal of helping even more people find success online using his strategies.

“A copy and paste system that can instantly be duplicated by the average person to make easy money online is what I set out to achieve and the feedback I have recieved from my students is nothing short of amazing. I feel humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to touch the lives of so many people in such a positive way”, says Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income.

Over the years, Patrick has tested and tweaked his sales funnels and email followup sequences to extract as much profit as possible, by providing value to subscribers and then recommending products that are listed on the Clickbank marketplace that can help the subscribers find solutions to specific problems, which can generate as much as 75% commission per sale.

“It really is a simple recipe I use. I attract people to my squeeze pages by offering a solution to a specific problem in exchange for their email address, I then provide value to the subscriber after providing the free gift and recommend related products the subscribers find useful and earn a commission every time someone buys (otherwise known as affiliate marketing), which is more often than not, says Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income.

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eVerify Reverse Phone Lookup Review Reveals 99% Success Rate

In a recent eVerify Review, an independent test by Aden Clark, the founder of Reverse Phone Lookup Reviewer has found this company to offer a 99% success rate, when investigating the owner related to cell and landline numbers across the USA.

Over 200 randomly selected numbers were tested, all of which are known to not be displayed on regular, publicly accessible databases such as Whitepages. The eVerify reverse phone lookup service managed to find the details related to the owners of 198 numbers, leaving only 2 numbers with no information.

eVerify offer reverse phone lookup services and a range of additional services, ideal for investigating anyone who lives within the USA, such as background checks, which have proven to be useful for both business and personal use.

Personal users can use reverse phone lookup to successfully investigate the owners related to suspicious numbers on a phone bill, unknown numbers on a partners cell, put a stop to prank callers and many other useful scenarios.

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Chemung County officials warning of Medicaid phone scammers

Residents have recently been warned by The Chemung County Department of Social Services, of a telephone scam that involves the caller stating there is some kind of issue with the persons Medicaid.

There has been at least one resident in the local area that has experienced numerous telephone calls which state their Medicaid needs to be re-certified over the phone.

Personal information is requested by the phone scammer, such as address, Social Security number and also mention over the phone that it could result in arrest if their Medicaid is not re-certified immediately.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you receive a similar call, County officials want you to be aware this is a scam and you should hand up immediately.


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