Autoresponder Jumpstart


Neglecting to build a relationship is the #1 reason list owners fail

Without a relationship to your subscribers,

  • your emails don’t get OPENED
  • your links don’t get CLICKED
  • you earn ZERO money

The best and fastest way to build a relationship is to provide solid, instructional content. That is exactly what Autoresponder Jumpstart has provided for you. There are 33 emails for your autoresponder, that teach and inform your subscribers.

Your subscribers will love you for these emails covering:

  • The FASTEST way to make money
  • A powerful source of SUBSCRIBERS
  • Finding QUALITY products to promote
  • Getting APPROVED to promote affiliate offers even as a new marketer
  • How to prevent REFUNDS
  • How to keep a list HAPPY
  • Finding solo ad sellers that don’t SUCK

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