Beginners Guide to Housing Your Very Own Healthy Chickens for Profits or Pleasure


Raising your very own chickens requires a lot of planning and organization in order to be successful. Costly mistakes have to be avoided because your chickens can die and you can lose a lot of money in the process. The most important step to raising healthy profitable chickens is building the right chicken coop.

Planning is needed when building the right chicken coop. The size and position of your chicken coop plays in big role in the success of your chicken project. If the space is not enough in the chicken coop your chickens can face space constraint and this can lead to some of your chickens dying as a result.

When starting out in building your chicken coop you should make some accurate measurements of your yard or space where you want your chickens to graze. The space in and out of the coop has to be enough to accommodate all of your chickens. It is a wise idea as well to build a big coop incase you want to add more chickens in the future.

The coop you build should be in a safe location that is nearer to you and is in a site free from predators that can eat your chickens. A good idea in keeping your chickens safe is by building a wired fence around the coop. This fence should be high enough for predators not to jump in.

The coop it self should be built in a way that sunlight can get inside and be well ventilated. If you build the coop this way you will ensure that your chickens get the right temperature needed for them to survive. The coop will also be a protection to the chickens from extreme weather conditions.

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Building your own chicken coop is a wise decision if you are on a tight budget. But if you have some money to invest you can buy a chicken coop which is available on the market. Just make sure you choose one that will go hand in hand with your chicken project. But you can always make some modifications to the coop if necessary.

There’s a lot more involved in raising healthy chickens. A good start is to get your own chickens, but before you do that get our complete guide on how to raise chickens to avoid costly mistakes.

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