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best web hosting reviewsDeciding upon a good web hosting to host one or more of your blogs or websites is very important. Think of it like deciding on a good architect to design your office or your home; you want to make sure that you get the basics right, and set up and build a strong foundation for the building.

Similarly, a great web hosting service will provide you with a strong foundation so that you can build a strong presence for yourself on the internet.

The good news is that there is a whole host of providers that are competing for your business, while providing some great web hosting packages as well as reliable service.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost, in a nutshell, is cheap, reliable, super-quick and offer just about all features that are offered by many of its more-expensive competitors. Features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfers, unlimited emails, a free domain, a free site-builder, one-click WordPress installation and a whole lot more – all for under 5 bucks-a-month! You can even run a live-demo of their cPanel through their website.

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2. HostGator

Let’s start off with the best, shall we? HostGator is perhaps the best web hosting service right now and extremely popular as well. I have been a long time user of their web hosting services and can personally tell you that yes, they really are as good as people say they are! For as low as $3-a-month, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting space, unlimited domains, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee that really deliver on. So at the end of the day, their service is quite reliable, and their plans are affordable, making HostGator one of the best bang-for-the-buck web hosting companies out there. One of the features offered by HostGator that a lot of people will really like is their website migration feature, through which you can ask HostGator to transfer one or more of your websites from another web host to HostGator servers, with no involvement on your end. All you’ll need to do is fill out a small form, and HostGator’s excellent tech representatives will take care of the rest. A useful feature to have under the belt, especially if you’re thinking of moving from your unreliable web hosting service to HostGator!

2. Site5

Another popular web hosting service, and for good reason! Site5 offers a wide range of different web hosting plans and packages, such as shared web hosting, VPS, and my personal favorite, cloud web hosting. Packages (full list here) start from just under $9-per-month for shared so it isn’t exactly the cheapest web hosting out there, but then, quality doesn’t come cheap does it! In addition, Site5 also offers a great 30 Days trial, easy one-click script installation (such as for WordPress), and a great Control Panel that lets you get your website or blog up and running as quickly as possible. You also get a free domain with all hosting packages. Site5 also shares information about downtimes with their customers, and I’m happy to report that their service comes with perhaps the best customer-support I’ve seen!

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