Beta-Testers Make Money While Aggressively Testing New WordPress Plugin


Beta-Testers Make Money While Aggressively Testing New WordPress Plugin

From Button WordPress plug pays beta testers through use of their new plugin.

The internet is a vicious marketplace, and gets more so every day as an increasing number of affiliate sites enter the field. This makes a crowded marketplace even more crowded. With so many affiliate programs out there it is difficult choose which one to go with and becoming harder still to manage all of the ones that are chosen. It even seems like every day online businesses are seeing less and less return business from your past clients.  These are just some of the troubles facing online merchants who work with affiliate programs every day.

Many online merchants try and fix their problems by wasting hours upon hours tweaking existing review pages or build brand new ones. This wastes hundreds of dollars on overpriced web developers that have timetables that often conflict with those of the online merchant.

One company has been striving for years to develop a plugin that does much of the hard work for online merchants. From Button has been in development for years in attempt to become the perfect money-making WordPress plugin, one that is designed to get more customers than any other plugin currently available.

Now From Button may have achieved its goal, or it may have fallen short. What From Button needs are Beta-testers that are willing to aggressively test this plugin.

From Button is designed so that affiliate websites can increase their conversions by adding multiple offers for one product instead of just one. This maximizes conversions and means sellers can add even more offers per product and in the process attract more visitors who want the product while also allowing sellers to choose higher commissions (potentially increasing profit).

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That is what From Button does, but what it needs are more people willing to take a chance on this plugin and really put it through its paces. The developers are willing to put their money where their mouth is and make the software and future upgrades free to those who beta-test it.

For more information about From Button go to, for more information about Beta-testing From Button check out the online beta test form .


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