Bicycling from Mexico to Argentina with Erin Azouz and Mehedi…


Bicycling from Mexico to Argentina with Erin Azouz and Mehedi van Hattum

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More than six months ago, Erin Azouz (@erinazouz) and Mehedi van Hattum (@mehedi.505) left the conveniences of their life in New Mexico to embark on a yearlong journey. They’re bicycling from Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina with as little environmental impact as possible, camping along the way. “Both of us had a strong desire to travel and to do it in Latin America. It sounded like an amazing idea to travel by bicycle to literally the end of the earth,” Erin says. The couple documents their travels in an online journal known as “Let’s Go Cariño” (or, “Let’s Go Sweetie”). “You look back at the map and you’re like, wow, we peddled through Mexico,” says Mehedi. Despite the challenges, the open road and occasional monarch butterflies that gently rest on their bicycles bring moments of reflection. “It felt very much like getting to some kind of core essence of what life is about,” says Erin. “It’s the simplicity of being outside and being vulnerable.”

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