Brain Test capable of predicting future success


According to the latest research of a board of scientists, it has been revealed that a particular brain test of any child at the age of three can supposedly predict the percentage of success that he or she can have in the future, and they have affirmed it to be true. There have been a lot of researches which comprised of the capability of cognitive tests and the latest one seems to provide an unbelievable result. It has been checked that the children with low cognitive test scores mark the presence of slow or lesser developed brains- the main causal agent of which can be very little stimulation.

The reports have also revealed the fact that there is a fair chance that these children can later on turn out to be either criminals, or even chronically unfit unless proper means are taken to avid that. This report has been published in a journal of New Zealand and the news has affected many as well.

These researchers who belong to the Duke University declare that their reports re built only after incorporating the early life experience of the kids and that makes the theory even more foolproof. The theory does not remain only in the hypothetical form since the lives of more than a 1000 children were followed and tested on. It had been recorded that the children who had low scores for language, movement, behavioural as well as cognitive skills at the age of three years, later on accounted for at least 80% of the crimes, and 78% of them were ill for long periods of time. It is not only the kids of the poor section who suffered from these disorders, but the number was high even when it came to accounting middle class kids.

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Though low test scores are a reason to be alarmed of, yet one should not panic since according to the researchers, the outcomes are perfectly modifiable. If the course of the kid’s lives are being moulded in the positive direction, they could change a lot with the help of numerous rehabilitation programs- and that is something that has given a tinge of relief to the parents.

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