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Love thy loaf

bread-food-healthy-breakfastHow many kinds of bread do you know about? Do you know the bread dough is one of the most versatile staples around? If the smell of freshly baked bread lifts your soul and makes you salivate, then it is time for you to download the bread recipes app, immediately!

Bread is one of the oldest foods known to man. Its history can be traced back to the civilizations of Sumatra, Egypt, Greece where flat breads were the staples. These days, however, everyone is going artisanal and multi-grain, but even with that there’s so much to choose from.

You can either watch all the food shows on TV and make tedious notes, or download an app and get all the information you need with one swipe!

You no longer need to wonder where you’ll get that loaf of Olive Bread, or foccacia, you just need to do a simple search and voila, the recipe of your choice is downloaded for you to try out. Some things you will find in this app
– recipes for dough
– what to add on
– exact measurements and tips
– Recipes of various breads
– Kneading techniques to get a fuller, softer dough
– Tips for the perfect crust
– Delicious sides for different breads
– Gluten substitutes for those with special dietary needs
– Different baking methods and mediums

You’ll be surprised to know that naan, tortilla, pita are all classified as breads.

Yeast is not a must for bread like you think. So go ahead and download the app and make a few loaves, eat a few sandwiches, toast a few croutons and enjoy this delightful food to your heart’s content with the bread recipes in this app.

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That’s one less thing to load up your grocery cart with and one more delightful food to come home to, fresh baked bread.


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