Brittany Greeson Photographs the Joy and Pain of Being Human To…


Brittany Greeson Photographs the Joy and Pain of Being Human

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Whether it’s a tearful intervention or a gleeful prom party, photojournalist Brittany Greeson (@brittanygreeson) captures the rawness of life. “I grew up with a single mom and we went through a lot together. I would see her cry over bills. My dad was an alcoholic and he passed away when I was 8. Growing up like that made me passionate about the struggle of others and having an empathetic view,” says Brittany, who at 23 has already shot for The New York Times and is now a photo intern at the San Antonio Express-News. She focuses on socio-economically challenged communities and people grappling with physical afflictions. Like much of her work, this portrait of Megan Blair and her son William Navarro taken outside their home in San Antonio highlights her subjects’ dignity, strength and pride. “There have been times I’ve been crying behind my camera and it’s difficult, but I think by tearing down your walls and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, the people will usually be vulnerable back,” she says. “I’m going to do you justice by documenting exactly how you’re feeling, because I want other people to feel it too.”

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