Can You Really Make Money Online by Starting a Blog?


Internet Marketing can be a tricky business there’s no doubt about that right? Does this not make it worth it? No obviously not! The investment is small and the rewards can be life changing.

Many people ask how to make money online but don’t actually do anything. They look for a way out or the easiest way to do it. Internet Marketing can be your answer for making money online but you have to take action for a start, but it has to be the right kind of action!

All you have to do is start off on the right foot and avoid the people out there attempting to make a quick buck. Like “Guru’s” for example. If you don’t know what a “Guru” is in the internet marketing business then that’s a good thing. That means you avoided someone selling one of those one click wonder software’s…there really annoying trust me.

What annoys me more is that people actually believe these one click wonders exist! It’s painful to see people scammed countless times because I know how they felt. Your expectations are so high but then all of a sudden the software that was suppose to change your life doesn’t work. Plain and simple as that. It sucks I know, I’ve been there.

In this business you cant give up, you have to keep looking and try new things until something does work. The reward is completely worth it this is why you never quit. Right? Of course! It’s like riding a bike for the first time. If you fall off then you just get right back on and try again. Remember you have to work for what you want, it wont fall in your hands automatically. You might feel pretty crappy when your being scammed left and right but when you find what your looking for its spectacular!

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You feel as if nothing is impossible and nothing can get in your way. This is why motivation is a key factor in this business, it really depends on your success. If your determined to have financial freedom you will earn this and you will find what works out there, trust me. If your unsure how to make money realistically online then I’ll help you out. You can make money on YouTube any day of the week. Create your own video that someone would find interesting and then post some affiliate links on it that is related to the content of your video.

So for example if you created a cool skate board video you could have links that direct the viewer to a skate board store. If they buy a skate board then you collect part of that sale. They have to be directed from your unique affiliate link though. It’s good to remember that if your new to Internet Marketing in general.

If you don’t have time to create a video of your own you can always ask the owner by email of a particularly popular video to post some of your links. Making money on YouTube is really that simple, anyone can do it!

Another way to make money online is to have your own niche website. You don’t have to own any of your own products of course. All you do is provide the links to other websites where you hope they will buy something, so can make the commission. The best niche websites depend on how much you narrow down your niche. This way anybody visiting your website will probably be looking for something related to what you offer.

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