Challenges of Running a Digital Media & PR Agency in 2017


Maximising your time, building better systems and being able to scale up your agency, are three huge priorities for all digital marketing and media agencies.

Every agency wants to be able to offer the most value in the most scalable and efficient manner. But it isn’t always as easy as it says on the of the box so to speak.

“The biggest challenge with most digital or media agencies is taking on any job that comes up. Within a short space of time you can get several clients, but often the challenge is they are all bespoke solutions. So you find you and your team are offering a different solution to each company, which means it is impossible to systemise and structure your offerings,’ commented Ashley Jessen, CEO & Co-Founder of Profile Booster.

Being the Jack (or Jill) of all trades and master of none is an all too common occurrence for most agencies starting out.

But when starting out, cash flow is so important, so you end up taking on any job just to keep the bill collectors at bay.

Jessen continued, “Instead of being a Jack of all trades, agencies need to learn how to focus and niche down. Get good at offering a small number of high-value solutions and become known as the expert for those solutions. Only then will you be able to introduce new staff, get some leverage and scale up your business.”

The team at Profile Booster recently put together a video highlighting the biggest challenges to running an agency in 2016 and the key focus areas for 2017 and beyond.

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Creating the systems to run your business is vital to an ever expanding digital and PR agency in today’s world.

The best companies are out there documenting their procedures and processes, so they can delegate the menial tasks and continue working on the highest value work.

If you get good at nailing the small stuff, then you are going to struggle to build a true business that works without you.

So in 2017, make it a priority to start documenting your procedures, delegate those tasks that can be outsourced and the focus on becoming the expert in a very high-value tasks.

If you are successful in doing this, then 2017 will be one of your best years ever.

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