Child with cancer passed away- an epicentre of a legal battle


This is the story of the Australian boy who was just six years old and a victim of cancer- but he was somewhat exceptional than the other children- he could spark up a high profile legal battle but sadly before winning the same, he lost to the disease. The child named Oshin Kizko was asked by the doctors to go for radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy as a part of the treatment for his disease. But i turn his parents refused to have it done since they were aware of the adverse effects that these therapies were about to put on him.

They appealed to the court that he should be given a palliative care instead so that at least he could be saved from the agony to some extent at least but the Judge ruled out the appeal in the month of September only. The boy expired on this Wednesday as confirmed by his mother to the local media. The journey taken by this child has been too much of agony and trauma to him as he had to undergo a lot of pain and even when his parents tried to lessen it, their appeal was not granted by the court. And now his mother is sad, but grateful about the fact that Oshin does not have to go through any more painful moments now that he is resting finally.

His parents think that their decision was right since they could not visualize their own son going through all that pain and the after effects of the therapies that would actually ruin his quality time. At first the medical team says Oshin could have a 30% chance of recovery if given both the radio as well as the chemotherapy but his parents remained glued to their decision of only chemotherapy treatment. But later on the doctor said that his case was an advanced one so he had to be given palliative care at last. The parents regret not having given that care before so that their child would not have to suffer so much and could have a much peaceful death.

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