China Plans to land rover on Mars by the year 2020


China has recently claimed the fact that it has made plans in order to get to the Mars and get it land rovered by the year 2020. The aim of this is to give the countries Russia, US and the EU a pretty good competition since they have been the ones to succeed by sending probes so far. The main aim of china is to launch a probe so that it can carry out the orbiting in and around Mars and that will also be accompanied by a roving procedure and that in turn will be followed by the collection of samples from the land of China which is to be brought back on the Earth. This declaration have been done by the most famous “China’s Space Activities in 2016”.

Though China had indulged in such things even before like the Launch of the Yinghuo-1, that was a failure and that is the reason why China does not want to do haste and has decided to take time in order to make a Probe that is foolproof. The mission to Mars has been an issue of prestige since it has created a million dollar space programme which has made a lot of progress so far including the landing rover, some space stations and a lot more. China decided to progress on this just after the launch of the Mangalayan by India. Apparently, the chief architect of Mars told the media this August that China will send the spacecraft in order to orbit around the red planet around the month of July or August in the year 2020 and it is going to be a legendary experience as well. This spacecraft will be launched around the Long March 5 carrier rocket which is being rendered as the work horse for the space missions of China. It has also been able to show the rover which is built on six wheels and is going to be the one to showcase its powers in an exorbitant manner as well. It is just waiting for the right time to launch the probe.

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