‘Cloaked’ UFO: ‘Only A Metal Reflective Surface’ Could Cause Effect, UFO Hunter Attests


Two UFOs obscured by clouds

A man has taken a video of what he is convinced is a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) hidden inside of a cloud moving over the Arizona desert. And while several YouTube users commented that the video image is nothing more than a natural cloud formation, a popular UFO hunter has come to his defense, saying that the object is indeed “cloaked” and “clearly a UFO.”

The Sun reported this week that Anthony Sakowski, while driving through Arizona, captured what he described in the posted video (entitled “Strange cloud hiding UFO. Reflected above.“) as a “UFO reflected in the haze above.” The cloud object appears to keep pace with the moving vehicle from which the video was shot.

The two-minute video shows a brilliantly sunlit cloud-like structure that resembles two vaporous disks, a slightly larger one atop of another.

Although Sakowski apparently thinks what he was tracking along the highway was a UFO, he also agrees with one viewer, Sheikh DMK, who states: “this is Lenticular clouds.” With another commenter, mp3talon, Sakowski further explained that “clouds dont [sic] reflect this way. probably just a fluke but would be a great cover.”

Prolific UFO and alien artifact spotter Scott C. Waring, the operator of the UFO Sightings Daily blog, agreed with Sakowski about the reflectivity of the cloud formation. It was not natural and was the result of the metal “disk reflection above it on the clouds.

He wrote to his blog:

“Only a metal reflective surface could do this, and as you see, the dark area of the cloud is the actual UFO. The lighter parts are the thin cloud as the sun shines through it. Even cloaked in a cloud, this is clearly a UFO.”

He went on: “Below is the negative colors, making the UFO stand out from all its surroundings. Its metallic surface is a different material than anything in the sky or the ground.”

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Waring’s insistence that “only a metal reflective surface” could be responsible for the strange-looking phenomena aside, AccuWeather noted that lenticular clouds have historically baffled observers, their “smooth, round, or oval lens-shaped structure[s]” lending themselves to the confusion and often being misidentified as UFOs. As the weather site explained, lenticular clouds are common and usually form in mountainous areas, appearing alone or stacked in a pancake formation.

Cloud shaped like a UFO
Lenticular clouds are often mistaken for the stereotypical flying saucer type of UFO. [Image by sergioboccardo/Shutterstock]

AccuWeather meteorologist Jesse Ferrell explained that lenticular clouds form when air moves over mountains, then cool enough for condensation to occur. Then the clouds remain stationary, a feature other clouds do not share. They then continue to reform over the same location as fresh movements of air rise up and over the mountain, again condensing, producing the cloud formation.

Lenticular clouds in mountainous terrain
Lenticular clouds are most often found forming over mountains, but shear winds can cause their rare formation over flat terrain as well. [Image by Michael Dorogovich/Shutterstock]

As for lenticular clouds that form over flat areas, as Sakowski’s UFO would have to be if it was an actual cloud, EarthSky has reported that the formations occur as a result of shear winds created by a weather front.

As the AccuWeather site noted, the clouds are often mistaken for UFOs. In November 2015, a photo of several lenticular clouds soaring over Capetown in South Africa, looking every bit the stereotypical horde of invading alien spaceships, took the internet by storm.

Lenticular clouds aren’t the only clouds that prompt people to believe they have seen a UFO. Take, for instance, The Sun’s report from June, wherein it was revealed that the conspiracy theory YouTube channel UFOvni had posted a video of an enormous flat-topped cloud that it suggested concealed a massive disk-shaped object. Scott C. Waring defended this sighting (in Belgium) as well, describing the object as a “weird, giant saucer” and noting, “It is a well-known fact that not only do UFOs hide in clouds, but they actually create the cloud around them.”

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Be that as it may, and despite a few other of the UFO video viewers’ support, quite a few offered that it was just a cloud. The Sun cited one particular skeptic as pointing out that it was cumulonimbus cloud which “often have flat tops and often look like anvils.”

Still, for those subject to confirmation bias (perceiving what one wants to perceive) and pareidolia (the psychological pattern recognition found in unrelated objects, such as imaginative shapes in clouds), the structures will likely remain UFOs and unexplained. And without radar evidence or some form of empirical, physical detection, it might be difficult to convince them that what they have witnessed isn’t a UFO.

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