Cyclones expected to hit Western Australia


It has been recently reported that there is a premonition that this Christmas there is ample possibility that there will be a giant dust storm which is supposed to hit Western Australia. Not only will it be just a dust storm, but there is also a possibility that there will be heavy rain as well as flash flooding due accompanied by it. Also a lot of the meteorologists have been able to predict the fact that the gusts of wind will be about 160km/hr which can be devastating for the place as well. It can be possible that the epicentre of the storm is a major mining centre.

It has been reported by the BBC that the storm might also back off even before it hits the place and everything has been turned under cover. Also they have reported that there is nothing to be afraid of since every aspect of the place has been taken care of so that people are safe even when the storm hits.

This part of Australia is one of the most cyclone prone regions of the world and it has the tenacity of being hit by a storm at least twice every year. Earlier on a cyclone named Stan reached the mainland in Australia this year itself and later on visited the mentioned region as well. This prediction has also lead to the closing down of the Port Hedland for about 48hours. The mining companies like the BHP Billiton as well as the Fortescue Metals Group has been able to evacuate most of the port workers right before the coming of the storm and that is the reason why there is nothing to be worried on.

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In most of the cyclones, the area has been able to prepare itself in the best possible manner in order to create the safe zone for the citizens and that is the reason why BBC has reported that though the storm might be a devastating one but all the measures have been taken in order to make the civilians safe and under cover.

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