Danielle Maltby Gets A Key Date With Nick Viall, ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers Tease: How Long Will She Score Roses?


Danielle Maltby earns roses from Nick Viall on 'The Bachelor' 2017 season

Danielle Maltby is one of the bachelorettes hoping to earn Nick Viall’s final rose on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season and viewers will anxious to know just how long she lasts. What does everybody need to know about this contestant and her journey to find love?

According to gossip guru Reality Steve’s spoilers, Danielle Maltby gets the first individual date of Season 21 with Nick Viall and the two will head off on a boat ride and go on the Ferris Wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that this date will go well and there will be some sparks flying, and she does get a rose from Nick.

What is it about Maltby that garners Nick’s attention? It may well be that the fact that she’s originally from Wisconsin, as is Viall, helps a bit. Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Danielle is from Colgate, Wisconsin originally, but she currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is 31-years-old and graduated from Viterbo University, and Maltby went to school for nursing. While she does some modeling now, the buzz is that this Bachelor contestant still works as a neonatal nurse as well.

Maltby also has some heartbreak in her past that will surely tug at Viall’s heartstrings to a degree. About five years ago, her fiance at the time died of a drug overdose. Danielle’s fiance’s name was Nick Haag, and his online obituary notes that he was also originally from Wisconsin. In fact, he was from Waukesha, the same town Nick is originally from, and he was 29-years-old at the time of his death. Viewers will have to wait and see how much this heartbreak of Danielle’s comes up, but spoilers hint that it will be a topic of conversation at some point.

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In addition to her modeling work, this Bachelor contestant also appeared in the 2013 music video for Jake Owen’s “Beachin’.” Maltby’s ABC profile details that she does have several tattoos, but she is working on having at least two of them removed. This Bachelor contestant says that the most outrageous thing she has ever done is put her life back together after moving to Nashville, and she noted that she left Wisconsin after losing her fiance because she needed a fresh start.

Danielle loves her family and friends, and she loves movies like The Notebook, Ferris Bueller, and The Sandlot. When challenged to pick a fictional character she would want to be, she went with Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter book series, noting that Hermione is a beautiful and smart witch.

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Could Maltby, who often goes by “Dani,” be the one to capture Viall’s final rose? The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Danielle gets a group date rose in Episode 5 and she scores another one-on-one date in Episode 7. Unfortunately, it seems that this date is where Dani’s journey to pursue everlasting love with Nick ends as spoilers share that Viall reportedly eliminates her during the date and it sounds as if she took the elimination pretty hard.

Will this be the end of Malty’s time with the franchise though? Some fans are already buzzing about the possibility that Dani could go on to do Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise or perhaps even be a contender to become the 2017 Bachelorette lead. Given the spoilers detailing where she finishes in Season 21 with Viall it seems unlikely that she’ll have a shot at that Bachelorette gig, as that opportunity typically goes to someone in the final four. However, it sounds as if she may well click quite well with the viewers and one never knows where she might pop up again.

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Will the spoilers about Danielle Maltby’s dates and elimination pan out to be correct? Just who snags Nick Viall’s final rose? ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season is now airing Monday nights and fans are quite anxious to see how everything plays out this time around.

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