David Blaine Shoots Himself In The Mouth, Rushed To Hospital With Lacerated Throat


David Blaine gun shoot trick wrong hospital

David Blaine’s latest attempt to shoot himself in the mouth went horribly wrong, according to News Australia. Although the 43-year-old magician has done many crazy stunts, this time his life hung by a thread like never before.

During a re-aired Beyond Magic, the show included a moment of David Blaine attempting to catch a bullet with his mouth. During the original show last month, the magician was seen spitting out frogs to a live audience, which included football superstar David Beckham.

But David Blaine’s stunts didn’t end with the innocent frogs, as he also shot himself in the mouth during the live event. It wasn’t the first time the magician attempted to catch a bullet with his mouth, as he first attempted the stunt in 2010.

But during the main stunt of the show, which originally aired in December in front of 20,000 people at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena, David Blaine’s trick went wrong. The magician previously admitted that he had been preparing for the stunt by allowing friends to shoot him in the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest.

For the revamped stunt for the Beyond Magic show, David Blaine pulled the trigger on himself while holding a special gum shield to hold a metal cup in his mouth. The idea was to catch a bullet with his mouth, but the trick went wrong.

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It first became apparent that the trick was doomed to fail when the metal cup kept slipping in and out of the grooves of the mouth guard. But David Blaine didn’t stop the stunt and went on with it.

As David Blaine tugged on a rope attached to the rifle, the bullet was fired into the magician’s mouth. Although the idea was for the bullet to get into the cup, the gum shield in Blaine’s mouth shattered in the process.

In the re-aired show over the weekend, David Blaine explained that time “started to move really slow” at that moment.

“When the bullet struck the cup, there was a high-pitched ringing in my ears and I felt an impact on the back of my throat. I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead.”

But as soon as he became aware of the pain, David Blaine was brought back and realized he was still alive. After the dangerous stunt, the magician was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered he had a lacerated throat.

Watch the whole incident play out here.

While David Blaine’s friends realized how dangerous the trick was and refuse to help Blaine with the stunt ever again, the magician said he is planning to do the same trick during his upcoming world tour.

Victoria Beckham apparently wasn’t happy about David Blaine putting on a show for Beyond Magic in the house she shares with husband David Beckham, according to the Daily Mail.

David Blaine’s latest gig showed the magician visiting the Beckhams’ home and showing disgusting and gut-wrenching tricks to the Beckham family. What particularly enraged Victoria was apparently Blaine turning his back on her to show a magic trick to her husband.

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The magic trick involved David Blaine swallowing Beckham’s wedding ring and then getting it out of his stomach with a bent coat-hanger. Victoria wasn’t impressed as she didn’t even applaud. But that wasn’t the only moment that indicated tensions between Blaine and Victoria.

When David Blaine sewed his mouth shut and snorted live frogs from his nose, Victoria wasn’t impressed either. The designer and former singer was heard shouting from the kitchen, “Can anyone make David disappear?”

While it’s unclear which David she was referring to, it’s probably safe to bet on David Blaine.

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