Decrease in the number of Bumblebees


In the recent report it has been revealed that there is an alarming decrease in the number of Bumblebees in the Somerset region and their percentage of decrease is as magnanimous as 85%. This report is a part of the 10th Annual wildlife report and the cause of the drop is rendered as bad weather which has created unfavourable conditions for small shrubs and other small plants. In order to avoid this problem, all the conservationists as well as the farmers should be working together.

The change in the weather pattern has been as such that the winter months are getting warmer and the summers are pretty bad as well- as seen by the weather experts and since 2006, there has been no improvement in the condition- that has in turn led to the death of a lot of bumblebees. This is also because of the issue of global warming that the weather patterns have changed and that has become a curse on the life cycle of the bees. There is a lot of dearth of the wildflowers which is the main reason why the bees used to come and the adverse weather does not support the growth of the wildflowers at all. That is the reason why these plants were replaced by normal grass and the bees come in lesser numbers now. Also the grazing conditions are not at all favourable and there has also been a drop of the meadow butterflies as well. Also the blue butterflies are rarely seen and the people over there say that the conditions are not at all suitable anymore. The habitats are changing according to the changing weather patterns thus bringing a change in their flora and fauna as well. That is the reason why people need to work together so that the prior situation can be retrieved and the bee population can be increased once more. Growing more plants favourable for their habitats can literally help a lot. There needs to be a lot of field voles which are suitable for the owls and are falling apart, and conservationists have to work hard to keep the nature going in its own track.

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