Definitive guide to marijuana on the 2016 ballot around the U.S.


Legal cannabis has been a hot topic in the march to Election Night 2016.

Dozens of petitions have circulated across the United States. Some have successfully cleared the necessary regulatory hurdles to secure a spot at the ballot box. Others have fallen short.

Come November, voters in at least a half-dozen states will decide on whether to legalize either the recreational use or the medical use of marijuana. As it stands now, those states include: Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana and Nevada.

More states could join that list in the coming months. Several proposals — including an unprecedented one that could strip a state of its medical marijuana program — remain in the wings, awaiting official confirmation.

Over on The Cannabist, we have a rundown of the states with legal recreational and medical cannabis on the line as well as those with potential ballot measures.

See the entire list at The Cannabist

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