Discovering Daily Life, Landscapes and Legacy in Central Asia…


Discovering Daily Life, Landscapes and Legacy in Central Asia with @elyornematov

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Hospitality, respect for elders, harmony with nature: Elyor Nematov (@elyornematov) has his #EyesOn the post-Soviet countries of Central Asia, and these are just a few of the values that he observes at the region’s core. “What I find most important in my work is not to judge each local ethnic group or nationality at face value,” says the documentary photographer from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, who is fluent in Uzbek, Persian, Russian and English. “Underneath the surface there is more that ties us together than separates us.”

From small villages in Kyrgyzstan to the expansive Fergana Valley, Elyor records the legacy of nomadic culture and signs of modernization. “Central Asian countries are very young, and I get the sense we are moving from adolescence into adulthood in terms of development.” As the region navigates change, Elyor’s vignettes of daily life celebrates a diverse patchwork of cultures and ethnicities. “Sometimes it’s just a random watermelon seller from the market, sometimes it’s a kind policeman helping drivers or passengers on the public bus.” Other times, a sweeping panorama is the best way to convey the spirit of his homeland.

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