Do You Want Global Free Internet?


If  you answered yes, to this question then please read on!!!

Over the long weekend (yes it was the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend in Aussie land), I was doing my usual – let’s check out various websites and information and I stumbled upon a website that is taking the internet by storm (over a thousand sign ups each day).  To say I was intrigued was putting things mildly.

I kept wondering: “What is the Catch?”  Yet the more I read the more I realised, that maybe there is no catch with this offer. So I decided to take a chance and sign up for free.  One of the aspects I really liked is that apart from receiving a confirmation link email for my account, I was reassured I would not receive another email.  Now this is novel.  Will they keep to their word?  And I’m really pleased to say, they surely have.  All communications is via the members’ area.  Yea, at last a company that not only keeps their word but also doesn’t on-sell their email list in order for their ‘mates’ to spam you with their offers.

Will this system make any money?  Now that is the multi million dollar question.  However, getting in at the ground level gives you 5 shares in their company for free.  So you can sit back and be happy with the 5 shares, or you can tell your family and friends.  Please note:  Only 1 membership per IP Address is allowed and they have done this to ensure people don’t try and cheat their system.

Is this an offer worth taking up?  Absolutely.  Where else can you receive 5 shares for free for when they float the company on the stock exchange in a couple of years time.  If you refer others to also sign up, you receive an extra 2 shares per person who signs up for free.

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I will leave it up to you to decide.  Remember:

  • One membership per IP Address
  • All communications is via the members area once you have confirmed your registration via the email confirmation link.
  • Registering is Free
  • You receive 5 free shares as part of registering your free membership.
  • If you refer others and they sign up for their free membership you receive an extra 2 free shares to add to your portfolio per person.

So what have you got to lose?  Seems to me this is a company that not only keeps their word, but will in the future be well worth watching.  For more information CLICK HERE


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