Dr. Peter Castellana Offers Leading-Edge Staten Island Dental Services


Dr. Peter CastellanaDr. Peter Castellana Offers Leading-Edge Staten Island Dental Services
New York dentist helps patients create, maintain healthy smiles

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, MAY 26, 2016 – Dr. Peter Castellana and his clinic’s staff are now providing leading-edge Staten Island dental services aimed at helping patients create and maintain healthy smiles.

One way Dr. Castellana ensures optimal results is by implementing and following strict infection control protocols. When dental patients experience an infection, they are exposed to longer healing times and discomfort. By using standards set forth by OSHA, the ADA, and the CDC, Dr. Castellana helps prevent infection.

Another strategy Dr. Castellana taps into to provide premier Staten Island dental services is by carefully assessing each patient’s needs to deliver comprehensive treatment plans that leverage cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques and procedures to achieve optimal oral health for each patient.

Dr. Castellana is also providing cutting-edge dentistry services by utilizing the latest technology in his practice. “Technology has much to offer, and we continuously lean into it to offer the best and most effective oral and dental health treatments available today,” said Dr. Castellana.

Dr. Castellana and his team strongly believe that with preventative care and proper hygiene, most dental and oral health issues can be minimized or avoided. Offering a range of effective dental services backed by top-notch patient education, Dr. Castellana and his team are proud to deliver well-rounded dental care that encompasses assessment, treatments, and after-care.

“We can help you with hygiene and preventative care, laminates and fillings, implants and braces, one-appointment crowns, and more,” said Dr. Castellana.

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Dr. Peter Castellana’s practice is conveniently located in Staten Island. His specialties include focused dental care treatments including root canal procedures, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

With Dr. Castellana’s world-class care and deep expertise and his team’s passion and professionalism, patients are welcomed into a warm, welcoming dental clinic where their needs are a priority. “We take responsibility for caring for your teeth and gums, which is why we take our time discussing various aspects of your dental health with you,” said Dr. Castellana. Instead of simply caring for their patient’s teeth, the team strives to give
patients advice for caring for their teeth everyday at home.

Current and prospective patients can contact the clinic by phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment. More information about the clinic can be found at

About Dr. Peter Castellana

Dr. Peter Castellana offers premier teeth whitening, root canals, dental implants, and other dental services for people in the Staten Island area.

Dr. Peter Castellana
Website: http://www.petercastellanamd.com

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