DuPont Licensed Applicator Calls New Teflon Coatings ‘Perfect For Harsh Environments’


DuPont Licensed Applicator Calls New Teflon Coatings ‘Perfect For Harsh Environments’

Plas-Tech Coatings talks about the potential benefits of recent improvements in Teflon ETFE coating.

Online PR News – 16-May-2013 – DuPont Licensed Applicator Plas-Tech Coatings announces recent improvements in Teflon ETFE coatings that broaden the range of coating choices, especially for users with harsh environment applications.

Already known for being a highly tolerant fluoroplastic, the latest advances in Teflon ETFE technology have resulted in substantially increased coating film thickness. In some cases, coating systems can now make films of up to 2000 microns (0.080) – as much as double previous capabilities.

The Teflon coating applicators at Plas-Tech Coatings are excited at the new application possibilities with the improved fluoroplastic. Particularly, the higher coating film thickness means improved chemical resistance, particularly in immersion applications. And, the resulting coating is tough, seamless, and pinhole-free.

As Plas-Tech Vice President Jim Sloan states, the improved Teflon ETFE coatings are perfect for harsh environments such a chemical storage tanks.

The maximum use temperature for Teflon ETFE is 150oC (300oF). Some coating systems comply with FDA regulations in 21CFR governing components of coatings in contact with food at temperatures of up to 121oC (250oF). The coating is available in green, beige, and white.

The industrial coating team at Plas-Tech Coatings is ready & capable to serve both new and existing customers with Teflon ETFE coating services. In cases where ETFE may not be the right choice, Plas-Tech Coatings is able to provide alternate solutions from their full line of industrial coating products.

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Founded in West Chester, PA in 1978, Plas-Tech Coatings specializes in applying high performance coatings for aerospace, packaging, food service, electronics, and other industries where durable, high-quality coating applications are necessary. Plas-Tech Coatings is a recognized leader in the application of DuPont, Whitford and Halar coating products. The company is one of only two DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicators in the Mid-Atlantic area as well as being a Whitford Recommended Coater.

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“Teflon ETFE coatings are “perfect for harsh environments such a chemical storage tanks.”

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