Earth Inspired Gifts Launches New Gift Range Including Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps


Sydney-based company, Earth Inspired Gifts, recently launched a new display including a range of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, Amethyst Geodes, Crystals and Jewellery.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are such beautiful gift ideas, especially for those who are looking at the health benefits associated with them.

“The reported benefits people have received from Rock Salt Lamps in their home are numerous. One of the main benefits is the ability for the lamps to emit negative ions when they are turned on and warm. This has the benefit of neutralising the positive ions emanating from household electronics,” commented Nicky Jessen, Founder of Earth Inspired Gifts.

Many people like to ask whether Himalayan Rock Salt lamps work and the answer is yes. But like any health related item, the benefits will vary. Having said that, nothing replaces the sound advice provided by a qualified medical practitioner.

In addition to natural rock salt lamps, Earth Inspired Gifts stocks a range of other items including candle holders, Amethyst geode caves, jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces, agate butterflies, citrine clusters and lots more.

Earth Inspired Gifts recently put together a presentation titled 7 Unique & Beautiful Gift Ideas for Christmas which showcases 7 amazing gift ideas for her this Christmas.

Nicky added, “We have noticed quite a shift in the types of gifts people are giving nowadays. Our friends want to give something that is both beneficial health wise and looks fantastic. Everyone wants to look and feel better. These are two universal truths for all women. This is why Earth Inspired Gifts was created. To provide a range of gifts inspired by Nature, which look fantastic and provide some health benefits.”

Carved Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps are one of the most popular items around Christmas time. This is due to the many healthy benefits mentioned above, combined in a beautiful shape.

Carved rock salt lamps are available in shapes including pyramids, fire bowls, cages, spheres, hearts, eggs and flames.

For those on a tight budget but looking for a beautiful gift idea inspired by nature, look no further than the Crystal Gem Tree.

They come in a range of crystals, all with various benefits to consider, but most of all look fantastic.

Last Christmas time we sold out of gem trees very quickly. At this price point, they are one of the hottest Christmas gift ideas for 2016.

If the standard socks and t-shirts and cookie jars no longer seem appealing and you want to give a gift that will be remembered, then check out the full range available at Earth Inspired Gifts.

We spend a good portion of the year running through different gift ideas which are both beautiful to look at and are connected to the Earth.

One of the main reasons we love doing this is the response we get when people walk into our display. They are always amazing at how beautiful everything looks. We are never surprised, as nature inspires these gift ideas. You cannot beat that.

About Earth Inspired Gifts

Earth Inspired Gifts, as the name implies, features a broad range of gifts inspired by the Earth. features a wide selection of Himalayan rock salt lamps, crystals, jewellery, Amethyst Geodes, ornaments plus other items, which are perfect gift ideas for those you love.

We only source our products from authentic wholesalers who have travelled the globe and can source the highest quality products available.

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