Earthquake hits Indonesia again- kills 100


A recent news have shown that once again Indonesia have been hit by a major earthquake that had the magnitude of about 6.2 on the Richter scale. This earthquake hit in the Aceh province and has been recorded to have proved fatal for more than 100 people and the count is still going on. The U.S Geological survey has reported the fact that the Earthquake hit at 6.30 am in the morning in the Sumbawa region but the epicentre of the quake was right at the village of Tolotangga which is about 1,350km from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

The quake was about 72km deep and that caused the major tremor that cost lives as well as property. It was so major that tremors could also be felt in the neighbouring provinces as well as the tourist region in Bali. As soon as the quake was felt, a lot of people poured out on the streets from their homes and they were scared but till then there was no report of any casualties as such. But as the day progressed, it could be seen that the reports were coming of many people being injured and killed. According to the Geological Survey, it had been declared that there was no prior notice of any upcoming Tsunami. Recently there has been an increase in the number of earthquakes so far and the magnitude is increasing and this is a reason to be concerned for the people all around the globe. The Geological surveys say that this is because of the excessive mining and the ground is going weak- that are why the tremors can be felt in a magnanimous manner. Not only in Indonesia, but there is an increased frequency of the earthquakes in a global manner. In India even, there used to be lesser number of earthquakes but now the statistics have risen. A recent report says that every year, about a thousand people are killed every year just due to the earthquake hits in Indonesia and there is no way in which they can be predicted so far.

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