Ebola Vaccine tracked successfully


It can be reported now that there is now a particular vaccine o the fatal disease named Ebola and it is the one that had been Scaring the globe by the symptoms and effects that it exhibit. But it is amazing to report the fact that now this vaccine that has been created would be available by the year 2018 and it is highly effective so that the virus itself can be eliminated as a whole. The World Health Organization has affirmed the fact that this virus will be able to serve the purpose for in the best possible manner and is now being tracked for the official approval after a detailed testing. This virus can offer 100% protection from the virus and thus will be able to save a lot of lives as well.

The manufacturer named Merek has created at least 300, 00 doses of the vaccine and is ready to be used once there are signs of the Ebola striking again. The Global Vaccine Alliance have been helping the manufacturer by sponsoring him with $5 million for the vaccine pile as well. This report has been produced by the popular The Lancet Medical journal which shows that about 6,000 people had been injected with the aforementioned vaccine and after about 10 days they were all free of the same as well. On the other hand, the group who were not injected with the same, developed the virus and had the disease. Out of the 6000 only one had serious side effects of the same and that too was not because of the chemical composition of the vaccine but because of the jabbing of the injection.

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In the trial though any children were not tested, it can be said that small doses of the same could be effective for the children as well. This finding has been marked as a remarkable one, and had the vaccine been out earlier, it could have saved thousands of lives at a go. Though the final rounds of tests are raking place, this is the final weapon of elimination of the virus.

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