Election Time: Who Trumps in the Polls?


Well, it is election time around the corner again and there is so much razzle about who is the likely winner. Donald Trump has been making head way since his idea of presidency became a mainstream talk when mentioned on his show “the Apprentice” several years ago.

Did anyone think that he was serious…of course. Whatever “the Donald” mentions, you must truly take it into some consideration as a fact of becoming a reality. The whole idea is that as being a shrewd business man, he has the  knack for being able to dilute any situation that has to do with financial crisis and mayhem. Take it from him, a man who has been able to parlay a chapter 11 into a glorified solution to a so called brilliant idea gone wrong. Trump has been able to secure time and time again deep revenue from institutions willing to fund his efforts of “grander” in the less likely hood of bringing success to big business and profits to come sailing in.

Many times these deals were nothing but glorified ideas of an “ego” gone south. Taj Ma Hall, a hotel greater than “he”….just like the Titanic, sank leaving the stakeholders holding the bag of a liability  bombarded with interest that would have never been feasible to recoup of 15% in reality that ended  in Chapter 11.

What’s the real story?

Donald has this uncanny way of wanting Americans to envision that he has the nation’s finances at heart and can put our economy back where it has not been in more than 30 years…on the map with his candidacy. How can you soundly say with a man of boiler room deals of sizable magnitude under his belt, and leaving each one in default of Chapter 11’s, to be the man of our nation to fix our deficit?!

Don’t let the suits with deep pockets fool you. The track record speaks for itself. Many see him for who he is in the nation’s eyes, a man that runs for the hills after he throws the rock and hides his hands. The hand that he dealt I might add. Some may stand and say that he speaks his mind and tells it like it is. Well, who gave him that power to feel shameless about having countless stakeholders and banks left holding the “debt” bags wrapped in chapters.

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Americans did! By their willingness to approve the bureaucrats in the White House to sanction and underline such affordability to business men with double words in every clause they make to secure a deal. When people in this nation who have shown a complete work history of over 10 years on a job is ripped to shreds and buried under high home and car purchase interest because they dissected the “probability” of their ability to pay back the loan.

But there is a catch……

As much as I would love to see an operable opponent that would be a strong force for our next Presidential role, I ponder the thought of what is to come. Are we so weak as a country that we are intrigued and amused by the “song and dance” that is constantly given to us?

Do we tighten up our puppet strings and just ride along with another 4, 8 years of someone who thinks he/she has the master plan to correct years of corruption, disorganization, back room antics and plain out bad deals?

Time to confess and realize that we have more power than we think we do. We need to think long and hard before we secure the next Nation’s family future and secure our own. Who guarantees you staff, security, a salary that far exceeds anyone who has completed a 20-30 term of service to their chosen business of employment. Yet that is what we do each election time. We secure another families future and ride along with uncertainty of whether security lands on our doorstep.

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Why we don’t recognize it you may ask? It is because we give it to those on the hill to delegate to us what “we” need. Who knows what you need better than you? The last time I checked, no president or anyone in his party has ever eaten at my table for supper or rang my phone for simple pleasantries.

Well, the answer is, WE trump! It is time as Americans that we don’t just put the fate of our lives into the political figures who can barely delegate their own lives. We must take a stand and not think that the government has the answer to all of our concerns and be able to address them with the help that we need. If you are finding yourself without health coverage, without a job, without a life line to get back into mainstream America or just to be able to provide for yourself, stop and re-evaluate your situation. Who knows your needs better than anyone? That’s right, YOU! You have the power to reset the stage and grow beyond measure.

How Can You Benefit from this Mess?

All you need is the right resources to get you there. Use the resources that are here and start your journey to self-empowerment and never look back. You are in control of this election. So what are you going to do? Don’t be afraid to take your life back and be in charge of you! Give yourself the 100% raise that you deserve.

Get the health coverage that meet your families need not by what you can afford. Take the vacations that are afforded to you not because you worked a whole year to collect a week off. Be able to eat the proper foods to nurture and give you family the fighting chance against diseases and obesity that sits at the top of our nation’s problematic issues.

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The Best Part….

Freedom from the rat race, freedom from bureaucratic ideals. Freedom from stressful lives contingent upon the success of the company you work for. Freedom from the time clock that ticks and tocks governing your earning power and potential in the ongoing wage war across the globe. Now, it is time to fight back.

Take back the reigns and decide for yourself your worth! Are you ready to fight for you? Are you ready to claim your piece of the American pie? So you may be wondering, how can you do this? The answer is simple. Be in business for yourself. Why do you think so many people do this?

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates spoke candidly on the subject and said that if they had to start all over again in today’s economy, they would find an awesome Network Marketing company and build. They were once where you are trying to see if their government would lend a helping hand to a small business model that they had in mind. Gone are those easy days of trying to secure the many grants that were being afforded to those who had the right proposal set up and writer to delegate on their behalf.

Time to do your own research and create a sustaining income for yourself. You can do this with ease. We have what you need to get started today and leave the government delegating themselves on the hill.


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