Europe in high attention to find Tunisian suspect of Berlin Attack


Today itself some of the German officials have suspected to have detected the person named Anis Amri, who had entered the country a year ago to have been tracked down as he was driving a truck in a Christmas market and he was urged to go for surrender.

After about three days of the fatal attack that killed at least 12 people and injured 48 more, this markets was the topic of the news for the entire Europe and it was closed for about a span of 2 weeks. The German officers have issued a warrant for the suspect on Wednesday and that is the reason why he was tracked down by the police with so nimbleness. Also there was a wanted poster issued so that the person who found him could be awarded prize money of 100,000euros which equal to $104000 thus contributing to his arrest so that he can be violent as well as armed.

It has come to notice that Amri’s brothers have told him to surrender himself and has said that if it can be proven that he had anything to do with the attack, and then his brother will act in favour of the investigation, and also will break any contacts with him as well.

This manslaughter has also tempted the police in the region of Denmark in order to search the ferry that is bound by Sweden following the lead that someone looking perfectly like the Amri has been seen over there. Amri had been a potential threat even before the attack and there are ample reasons to stalk him and hunt him down. He was also trying to deport him to the asylum last year, but the application was rejected and because of the lack of documents and the legality of the same.

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It has been detected that Amri left Tunisia a lot of years back and till date has been settling in Europe and has been in contact with all of his brothers with the help of the social networking sites as well as through phone.

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