Facebook to stop copyright infringement


Earlier on, YouTube used to be the only site in the world of digital media who sued to take care of the copyright policies in the most stringent manner when it came to the videos. But now, Facebook is also making the same amendments in order to make sure that no video is being copied by one another and all the content on the site is utterly original. In order to do the same, the first step that is being done is to handle all the copied content that has spread so far and ban them totally so that the viewers can have no access to them anymore. This means that people will only be able to see the original content and not the ones that have been copied and moulded. Then again, it is also working with a great gusto on the copyright identification system which will keep a strict supervision on all the contents that are posted day in and day out so that the duplicate one can be spammed right at the origin and there is no chance of getting it spread.

The Financial Times have expressed the fact that once the ID has been placed perfectly, Facebook will be able to work with the licensing issue for all the music videos and the others that has been posted on the site so far. But this is just an initial progress and it is being said that the final outcome can be expected by the end of spring. This way, the musicians will be able to post not only in YouTube but also with the help of Facebook as well and that too without the fear of losing their originality. This way, they will be able to gain a lot of viewers within a very less time.

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It has been declared that the ones who will be held for posting duplicate fake or duplicate content will have to compensate in a specified way and this year it is going to have a revenue deal placed with the music companies as well so as to have a smoother relationship.

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