Fatal diseases to be detected by simple breath test


Did you ever imagine that a breath test could do a lot more than just letting the cops know whether you had alcohol or not? Well, now this breath test can do a lot more as has been told by the researchers. Recently a test have revealed the fact that this test has been able to use test about 86% of the patients in the most accurate manner. This idea came to the mind of the researchers about the fact that if a breath test could see the alcohol content, and then why not test it for the detection of germs instead. Some of the diseases that can be diagnosed through this test also incorporate the fatal disease cancer.

According to the ancient Greek physicians detected the fact that the breath was a strong health indicator, but now the Israel Institute of Technology have just proved the fact that it is incredibly true as well. They have developed a single device that has the capability to use nano particles in order to mark 17 different kinds of diseases like the lung cancer as well as the Parkinson’s disease- and that too just with the help of a simple breath! Though the machine is still being tested on, the first test was pretty close to being accurate. This means that after the launch of the machine, detection can be done even in the early stages of the disease and one does not have to get a biopsy or any other complicated procedure done- also the wait becomes less as the diagnosis can be done in a jiffy.

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This team has been able to get breath samples from more than 1400 patients so far, and it has been able to detect most of the cases in the most accurate manner. Though this machine is not out for the clinical use as yet, it can be hoped that it is launched pretty soon- as that would be a mind boggling invention- a major breakthrough in the world of medicine which is bound to make life easier.

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