Father.io: The Future of Gaming


Father.io is one of the coolest augmented reality games commercially available. Father.io is a first person shooter (FPS) available globally, and it’s all on your phone(!!). This FPS only requires an $18 dollar “interceptor” to be bought, allowing you to shoot at other players. It also functions as the hitbox your enemies will be aiming at. Additionally, the interceptor allows you to shoot accurately for up to fifty meters and picks up enemy fire with its six built in sensors. Believe it or not, the first interceptors will be shipping this summer.

There are currently two available game modes: deathmatch and capture the flag. Deathmatch queues you into a game with players located close to your immediate vicinity, essentially creating an AR battle anywhere from your bedroom to the local park. The second mode, capture the flag, is a team based game, which pits two forces against each other in attempt to capture the enemy’s “flag”. Within each game mode, every player may choose a class, altering your experience. These classes can affect how much ammo you have and what weapons you have access to. With weapons ranging from pistols to sniper rifles or even shotguns, the game’s diversity is vast. Additionally, other items such as grenades and claymores are available. Father.io has raised over $300,000 on Indiegogo, allowing for an immense amount of development constantly being added to the game. One of the current “reach goals” set by the company is to allow VR drone support, allowing players to perform airstrikes on unsuspecting players. Personally, I am highly anticipating the release of this product and cannot wait to try it out; the future of AR is bright.

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