Feedia Focuses On Crowd Feeding


Feedia.us, a social sharing platform, has upgraded it’s website to focus on Crowd Feeding content to help businesses and individuals go viral.

feedia-icon-50What is Crowd Feeding you ask?
Crowd Feeding is much like Crowd Sourcing or Crowd Funding. The premise is that users can create campaigns of media worthy articles, deals, events, music, news, or even videos and other users can then share them across their social networks.

Posting a Campaign
Users setup a campaign sharing:

  • Information
  • Images
  • Videos

and then setting a ‘target amount’ of users within a certain time frame that are needed for their content to go viral (or just widely shared). If the ‘target’ is reached, all the users will then automatically share the content on the date specified on the campaign.

A Basic Campaign is Completely Free, and some Coupon Codes will be available to try the Premium Campaigns at a very large discount until the end of 2016! You can find them at: http://feedia.us/promos

Sharing Deals
Not everyone wants to spend their time sharing content across their Social Networks. That is why Feedia will be implementing a reward system where you can earn Gift Cards (or online Gift Codes) for being an active part of the community.

Feedia will be Live on 11.5.16



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