First few passengers of the Libya Malta hijack released at airport


It has been recently reported that about 65 people have been released to get off on the Malta International Airport and those were the ones who were on board when the hijacking took place. The aircraft was flying on a route from Sabah to Tripoli but it was diverted midway leading to enhanced level of tension. The was one man who even threatened that he was carrying a hand grenade in order to blow off the plane, and this information has been gathered from the local media so far. It is being said that the main motto of the hijacker was to have possession over an asylum in Malta, as told by the BBC news channel.

Then again, a member of the Parliament said that the exact demands could not be known till date. The passenger list has been accounted to have 82 men, 28 women along with one baby and only 65 of them have been relieved. It is being said that there is a possibility there might have been something smuggled on board like explosives and weapons and he officers are investigating how it could be possible in spite of the stringent checking at the terminal. It is being supposed that the smuggling could be done in the gap of the airport building and the planes- which is about 5km apart. Right now, the higher authorities are collaborating together in order to think about what the next step should be- so that the aircraft along with the remaining captives can be released without any harm and how the terrorists can be caught. In midst of all this, the Malta International Airport has been closed down and all the flight routes are being diverted to avoid any chaos.

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There is an increasing level of tension regarding this hijack, and currently it is the only issue that has been bothering the whole of Libya as well as Malta. The officials of both the regions think it will be better to arrive in to a conclusion and not at all hurry about the same so as to avoid any harm caused to the victims.

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