Flipping Worlds with Mexican Student Karen Cantú To discover…


Flipping Worlds with Mexican Student Karen Cantú

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(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Architecture student Karen Cantú (@karencantuq) imagines a world where volcanos erupt in a rainbow of colors and ladybugs climb landmarks. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Karen’s surreal images are inspired by a hashtag project on @instagrames that sought to unite the apparently incompatible.

“Imagining a life with polar opposites, discovering unrealistic ideas in my mind — little by little, I began to see the world a bit differently and I believed my alternate reality,” Karen says. “The water, the clouds, why is one above and the other below? What would happen if I flipped them around?” she asks.

She always accompanies her creations with a few words, sometimes borrowed from a book and other times written on her own. “I like to think that an image accompanied by the correct words can really make us change our thoughts and emotions, at least for a moment.”

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