Fox News media critic says Clinton’s press-bashing proves the media is doing its job


“Donald Trump has been beating up on the media for more than a year,” Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz said on Sunday night, but “now Hillary Clinton is getting in on the press-bashing.” There’s no love lost between Clinton and the media, he noted, but now Clinton is fundraising off what she and some other Democrats view as a media double standard where Donald Trump is held to a lower standard, specifically regarding Matt Lauer’s moderating of last week’s Commander-in-Chief Forum. “To read some of these accounts, you would think,” Kurtz said, “that Matt Lauer had taken a baseball bat to Hillary Clinton and was fluffing up the pillows for Donald Trump.”

Kurtz obviously doesn’t agree with that critique, but he isn’t unhappy with the press-bashing coming from both sides now. Usually it’s Republicans complaining about bad press, but now “it’s both candidates who are complaining, carping about unfair and hostile coverage,” he said. “I trust you all to figure it out. We’re trying to do our jobs — we are imperfect, we make a lot of mistakes. If both candidates are pissed off at us, maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing.” Watch below.

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