Fran Briggs Releases The Best of Summer Reading, 2016


Fran Briggs Releases The Best of Summer Reading, 2016

List features dynamically versed authors who are at the forefront in their genre

Online PR News – 05-July-2016 – What are two of America’s most under-appreciated treasures? Great books, and the authors who write them. Award-winning publicist, Fran Briggs has recognized 15 books considered to be among ‘The Best of Summer Reading, 2016.’ Genres from the annual list include fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, children’s literature, spiritual, adventure, urban literature and sci-fi.

“This is not a compilation of ‘greatest reads,’ but rather authors who are dynamically versed and at the forefront in their genre,” stated Briggs. “The books showcase each author’s literary vision through subject, originality, creativity, impact, and influence,” she concluded.

The listing is organized by title, publisher, author, synopsis, and a link to additional information and purchase. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. The Happy Retirement (FBC Records, Inc.) by Janette B. Carter An array of exciting, adaptive solutions and inspiration for retirees, and retirees-to be.

2. Gluten Sugar Dairy Free (CreateSpace) by Michelle E. DeBerge A guidebook to living, eating and cooking GSDF includes 33 recipes, simple food prep systems about gluten, sugar, dairy and how to avoid them.

3. Love Changes (Earthatone Books) by Eartha Watts Hicks
What happens when you’re torn between the father of your baby and your male best friend?

4. Vengeful Vows (eLectio Publishing) by Parker J Cole Hell hath no fury like an ex-lover, scorned.

5. Raw Faith (Xulon Press) by Elizabeth Chalker ‘Hanging on by the scratch marks my nails left behind.’

6. Lukewarm Saint (Bravin Publishing LLC) by K. L. Belvin Kevin Watkins, a young handsome educator, is torn between his love of women and everyone trying to help him to see the dangers of his vices.

7. Strange Fruit (Simon & Schuster/Strebor) by Michelle Janine Robinson In this frightening novel about the future, a series of catastrophic events not only cripples the world’s economy, but also ushers in the return of slavery.

8. May I Please Have a Cookie? (Cartwheel Books) by Jennifer E. Morris Alfie loves his mommy’s cookies, and he wants one more than anything!

9. Color Me Grey (Simon & Schuster/Strebor) by Michelle Janine Robinson Nonstop action from page one, an incredible story of a woman who gives birth to twins from two different fathers, only to learn that every atrocity she faced in life was suffered at the hands of someone startlingly close to her.

10. Home At Last (RiJan Publishing) by Jan Sikes After 15 grueling years behind the 40-foot walls and iron bars of Leavenworth prison, Luke Stone boards a Greyhound bus bound for Texas, bound for freedom, the woman who holds his heartBound for home, at last.

11. Love Is The Beautiful Black Woman (AuthorHouse) by Vernon J. Davis Jr.
An inspirational poetry tribute to Black women.

12. Weaver (Earthatone Books) by Miriam Kelly Ferguson Almena Johnstone, perceived to be mentally unstable, becomes guardian of traumatized, identical twins orphaned by a horrific murder-suicide and stops at nothing to protect her baby girls.

13. Thrive!…Affordably (Streaks of Wisdom, LLC) by Jennifer Streaks The author takes the headache and guesswork out of financial management in this monthly “how-to” designed to help readers meet financial and lifestyle goals, one step at a time.

14. From Gigolo to Jesus (Bravin Publishing, LLC) by K. L. Belvin Follow the true detailed story of a young misogynistic whore who transforms his life and becomes a loving husband and man of God.

15. The World That Revolves Around Hydrocephalus (AuthorHouse) by Kacee Barnes
A detailed account of a woman courageously managing a debilitating condition.

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