Germany Super Absorbent Polymers Sales: In-depth Forecast


Germany’s super absorbent polymers (SPA) consumption have been crucial for inducing dominance of European region in the global super absorbent polymers market. Future Market Insights’ (FMI) report on the global market offers key findings that illustrate the factors influencing growth of SPA sales in Europe and its constituent countries. Germany’s super absorbent polymers sales have stimulated Europe’s contribution to global SPA market, partly because the country has a vast and proliferated market for plastics. FMI’s report also sheds light on the diverse applications that partake in supplementing growth for Germany’s super absorbent polymer consumption.

The primary types of SAP applications, such as disposable diapers, female hygiene products and adult incontinence products, have predominantly factored the rising super absorbent polymer sales in Germany. Industrial applications of superabsorbent polymers such as sodium polyacrylate are expected to expand owing to their multiple functionalities. Several end-user industries in Germany that need to synthesise materials through polymerisation of gel or solution are likely to harness newer mechanism that provided them ready-to-use superabsorbent synthetic materials. Gaining adoption of such manufacturing trends are likely to ramp up Germany’s super absorbent polymer sales. Experimenting the use of SAPs in other key industries will also foster Germany’s super absorbent polymer consumption. For example, automotive, building & construction and packaging industries in Germany have been among dominant end-users in the country’s plastics and polymers market. Technological advancements implemented in manufacturing processes of such industrial sectors can uplift the adoption of SAPs as and when the need for superabsorbent synthetic fibres arises. Consequently, the opportunities for growth of Germany’s super absorbent polymer consumption will continue to surge during the forecast period.

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And, being a major contributor to Europe’s SAP market, consumption of superabsorbent polymers in Germany will certainly be incidental in the global market. According to FMI’s regional analysis, Europe holds the second spot, between North America and Japan, for being a leading region in the global market for super absorbent polymers. Anticipating the market volumes to reach 645 Mn tonnes, Europe’s (including Germany) super absorbent polymers market is predicated to attain US$ 2.6 Bn revenues by the end of 2020. To know more information, access a sample of the report at

To know more information, access a sample of the report at

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