Shawn Davis: Diary of a serial killer 2Serial killer Eric “The Artist” Blackburn forged a reign of terror in the Metrowest area of Massachusetts for years. The bodies of beautiful teenagers piled up as Blackburn kidnapped them one-by-one for his lethal “art projects.” He was brought down by the “one that got away,” Tracey Randall, a would-be victim who fought back, escaped, and brought down the psychopathic killer.

Ten years later, Tracey Randall is a detective for the Farmington Police Department, incensed when Blackburn’s infamous Diary of a Serial Killer, which described the events of the last week of his reign of terror, is leaked onto the Internet by crazed groupies. Tracey has the Diary suppressed, but someone has already taken notice of it: someone who is far deadlier than Blackburn ever dreamed of becoming.

The newcomer is an expert at killing with guns, knives, garrotes, machetes, blunt objects, poison, and even his bare hands. For some inexplicable reason, this deadly new adversary targets two victims at a mall using Blackburn’s Modus Operandi. But this is just the beginning, the killer has sent a personal message to Detective Tracey Randall, there will be more victims. Compared to this new threat, Blackburn was an amateur.

The new killer on the scene is fearless, innovative, intelligent , disciplined, and ruthless. Able to shut down his emotions and operate with precision, the killer demonstrates no emotion, a virtual “Ice Man.” Detective Tracey Randall not only needs to figure out why the killer has taken over Blackburn’s pattern, but why he has chosen to target her specifically. Only then can she hope to keep the growing body count from rising to unprecedented, terrifying levels…

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